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The Fathom Third Hand and Corner Guides allow you to quickly and easily assemble and dissassemble the Aputure Amaran F21 and F22 flexible light panels without having to bend and reshape the mounting arms. 


Saves you time and prolongs the life of the mounting arms.


Additionally, by maintaining the shape of the arms, you can ensure your F22 and F21 panels will remain attached to the arms, especially when underslung and mounted facing downward.


The primary purpose of the Corner Guides is to prevent the ends of each arm from snagging on the velcro in each corner when assembling.


Each unit includes 1 Fathom Third Hand and 4 Corner Guides.


Color of shipped product may vary from photo and video.

Fathom Third Hand + Corner Guides

  • If the mounting arms for your F21/F22 panel are rather stiff and difficult to rotate, please loosen the screw of each arm approximately 1/10 of a turn counter-clockwise using a Torx25 (T25) wrench in combination with either an 8mm socket wrench or an adjustable wrench. (Instructional video coming soon)


    To install the Corner Guides, use a Torx10 (T10) wrench to remove the 3 screws in each corner assembly, insert a Corner Guide smooth/shiny side up under the diagonal velcro strip, aligning the circle cutout, and re-insert T10 screws, fully tightening back into place.

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